Daymark has been hard at work developing our new project. The music we're making is fiery and its character is heavily molded by our mutual interest in tunes from the North of Ireland. Get a taste of the high energy product we're making with some new videos that we have released. These were filmed by Bruce Petschek at Seven Generations Video in Cambridge MA and produced by Nine Athens Music, also of Cambridge. You can see more videos at Daymark's youtube channel. We've also got a couple of tours on the go, so be sure to check out our website to stay up to date with the fast moving news.



Harbour is my new album alongside Ryan McKasson, along with a very special guest musician (and hero of mine) Jeremiah McLane. We've included an exciting variety of music, with very old songs and tunes from England, Scotland and Ireland mixed with contemporary pieces from artists such as Alasdair Fraser, Kris Drever and Kate Rusby, all of which sit side by side with our own original compositions. We took all this music and tried to put it together in a unified fashion. We think it fits together in a tapestry-esque fashion. We have worked very hard on this album for the past year and a half, and I'm very happy with the results. Once again I'd like to thank Rohan McDonald for his second straight art and design credit, and another huge thanks to Jim Prendergast at Mill Pond Music Studios in Portsmouth NH for his excellent work behind the board. Of course, a huge thank you also goes out to our kickstarter backers, who 100% made this album possible. Please visit our website, give the sample tracks a listen and consider buying a copy. Also be sure to check the tour page for upcoming CD release concerts. In the coming months we'll be in New England, Maritime Canada, the Pacific Northwest, Northern California and Michigan, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to hear us live.



I have just received in the mail copies of my very first solo album, "Rove". Oh boy, I am excited. This album was quite challenging and rewarding to make, and I'd like to thank the talented people that helped to make it a reality. Thanks to Bethany Waickman for playing brilliantly. Thanks to Sam Margolis and Jim Prendergast for fiddling with the knobs until everything was just right. Thanks to Rohan McDonald for his beautiful artwork, and thanks to Bruce Petschek for manning the video camera. These people are paramount to the success of this project. But above all, I need to thank Chuck Honnet. Chuck was the executive producer for the album and went above and beyond in so many ways. He even took the cover photo. Those of you who know Chuck will know that he is one of the kindest and most generous people you will ever meet. He is the kind of person who leaves an impression without trying to, and I am privileged to have had him involved in this project and to call him a friend. In fact, all of the people involved in this projects are friends, and that made making it all the better. It's new and daunting to think of myself as a solo artist, so as I send this one out into the world I've got some mixed feelings. There is a bit of an excited apprehension. I've got more skin in the game on this one. But I never actually thought I would make my own CD, so more than anything it's just thrilling. And I expect it not to be the last. I look forward to people hearing this music. The official CD release party will be on February 13th at my favorite venue of all time, Club Passim, but I am making them available for online order now through this website only. Head over to the store and grab your copy now!



Some of you may be familiar with the work I have done over the past few years with Will Woodson. We were housemates in Portland, Maine and ever since we moved in we have been developing an active musical partnership. In 2015 we released an album called "The Sunny Hills". We've had many good times performing, touring and generally making mayhem. But now it's time to say goodbye to these good times and say hello to some even better ones! Will and I met fiddler Dan Foster at the Northern Roots Festival in Vermont this past January. It quickly became apparent we all get along pretty well, and what's more we all like to play the same kind of music. After exploring this further with more playing it became immediately apparent this was the way forward. We have jumped headfirst into developing this project, and we will be doing our first public performances next month in MA and ME! If you are anywhere near Somerville MA on 1/22 or Portland ME on 1/25, come and see us. And yes we have a name now: we are DAYMARK. I'm thrilled for this next step.